2023 Green 5K


Shine Like Shelby

We are participating in the 2023 Green 5K to honor Shelby, our beloved daughter, sister, significant other, granddaughter, niece, cousin and cherished friend to honor her memory and continue her passion for eye, tissue, and organ donor awareness.

I have been a nurse for almost 30 years and my husband a Firefighter/EMT for 34 years.  We were aware of organ donation through our respective jobs.  It was not until my Dad needed a lung transplant that we became acutely aware of the need for education and advocacy for eye, tissue, and organ donor awareness.

My Dad was fortunate enough to have received the gift of life from his angel, Erin.  Over the years, our family has been blessed to not only be in contact with Erin's family but have had the privilege to get to know them, spend time with them, have participated in previous Iowa Donor Network events, and consider them family.

Shelby was a shining star!  From a young age with her Grandpa's transplant, she learned the life-saving importance of organ donation.  She was a passionate advocate in school always sharing our family story and talking with her friends about the importance of donor awareness.  Many speeches in grade school, high school, and later in college were on the importance of having conversations with loved ones about being a donor and how it could save lives.  It was easy to see her enthusiasm as she shared a green Iowa Donor Network Donate Life bracelet with anyone who would wear one.  Shelby started volunteering at the Iowa Donor Network after high school and later went on to be their Public Outreach Intern.  She volunteered at the Green 5K just last year.

Tragically, Shelby died of a massive blood clot just before Christmas.  She had already signed up to volunteer at this year's event.  We are celebrating her life and honoring her passionate commitment for donor advocacy.  We love her and miss her, and SHE is our reason why.

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We are participating in the Green 5K to support Iowa Donor Network and their mission 

Working Together to Transform Lives Through Organ and Tissue Donation.

Dash to Honor. Dash to Give Hope. Dash to Heal.
Please help  reach our fundraising goal to support an organization that is important to us.  We sincerely appreciate your help in saving and transforming lives!


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