2023 Green 5K

Brian's Fellowship of Life

The GREEN 5K & Donor Dash is an event Brian's friends and family have participated in since his death in January 2008. This is the race's 15th anniversary!

Brian was the best of the best.

As each year passes, I think of what a constant tribute and example of the wonderful life Brian lived by the people who still celebrate him. This January marked 13 years since Brian’s death.

Brian constantly sought out new adventures, knowledge, and understanding of the people and world around him. He taught me that you can be smart, fun and productive all at the same time! He could complete a service project, run a 5K and compete in a beer Olympics all in one weekend (seriously this happened, I was there, and I only completed one of those activities….).

Brian took incredible care of his body (Subway was the only ‘fast food’ he would eat) and relationships in his life. He made every day productive and meaningful. I would guess that is the reason people were so drawn to him, we didn’t want to miss out!

Brian’s age and sudden accident was a tragedy that greatly impacted all who knew him, but his gift of life became a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. After a traumatic brain injury, Brian was able to donate his heart, liver, and kidney, along with corneas, bone, and issue. The impact that Brian’s donation has on this world is insurmountable.

Please help remember Brian and the gift he made by joining us in the GREEN 5K run and walk. If you are unable to attend a donation would be happily welcomed, too!

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We are participating in the Green 5K to support Iowa Donor Network and their mission 

Working Together to Transform Lives Through Organ and Tissue Donation.

Please help  reach our fundraising goal to support an organization that is important to us.  We sincerely appreciate your help in saving and transforming lives!


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